Big Relief = Heaven and Earth Moving Project

Today we officially made it to 25 weeks.  I don’t think that is a huge deal to most expecting parents but it was gargantuan to us.

25 weeks was the magical week of gestation that our doctor told us was the point at which she felt a baby with our daughter’s condition could be “viable” outside the womb. Up until this point, she didn’t offer us much hope that there was anything that could be done if things went wrong and the baby had to be delivered.

So we have made it this far. I’m letting go of that breath I’ve been holding for the past month. And I’m taking another to be held until week 28. That seems to be another big milestone where outcomes for preemie babies greatly improve. And after that it is 30 weeks with even better outcomes. Then after that it appears D-day may be around 34 weeks… That really isn’t that far away. Give me a moment.

I thought I would feel relieved today. And I did for about five minutes. And then a weight I do not believe I have felt in this lifetime settled squarely on my shoulders. We are really in it now. The V train has left the station. We are committed (gladly) to moving heaven and earth because we have a real shot now. Heaven and earth are pretty big unwieldy things.

Guess it is a good thing I got my mother’s linebacker shoulders. They provide for a more even distribution of the weight and better leverage for mercilessly tackling things. Of course it is a good thing Terry got an impressive brain so that he can use the “work smarter not harder” model and  build an intricate computer controlled pulley and wench system to do what my shoulders can’t. Teamwork is a good thing. And I’m feeling real good about my team and the rookie member that will be here soon.

Here goes everything.  Heaven and earth , you have had fair warning. You need to watch out.

Wish us luck.

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