Bless My Heart?

Yesterday, I was charged with the solo care of my insane little people for multiple hours so that my husband could do some much needed work around the house and actually get it done. So I did what any sane person would do. I took them shopping so that they wouldn’t know they had me outnumbered.

And no fewer than four people in the three hours I was out and about with my minis asked me if they were twins and had some comment about the general situation. I figured the unsolicited commentary from complete strangers would stop when I was no longer visibly pregnant and the kids were not itty bitty. Wrong. And there were some doozies.

One lady corned me before I had them both out of the car. Standing there in the parking lot she insisted I must be exhausted then went on to tell me how happy she was that her kids weren’t that close together. When I told her I wasn’t all that tired, she insisted again that I must be exhausted. Mental note: Do something about the way I look. It must be worse than I thought. Maybe some concealer or more frequent hair coloring will help.

But the encounter I had with one lady in the Wally World was the icing on the cake.

She was pushing a five year old in one buggy and pulling another buggy with six-ish month old twins in it. She stopped me and asked if mine were twins. I said, “No.They are two and one.” Mouth agape, she said IT. IT I say. She said IT.I swear to you she said “Bless your heart.” Bless your heart. She said it to my face. In a southern state. In a southern drawl. Bless your heart. Yep.

She said IT. I swear to you she said “Bless your heart.”

She too was so very glad she didn’t have two a year apart. How hard that must be. They have such different needs. She couldn’t imagine how hard that must be. And she pushed/pulled her three children in two buggies away while shaking her head and wishing me luck. I didn’t read sarcasm. I was looking pretty hard for some sarcasm too. But no. She honestly thought I had it harder with my two than she did with her three. I mean…for realz?

The kids were being good too. We weren’t being “those people.” I apparently make it look a lot harder than it is. Which must be something to behold because wrangling the little guys by yourself in public is pretty tough. I was not however pulling two buggies. I had one nice double jogging stroller and a shopping bag. What she was doing looked insanely hard.

Regardless, we all lived. We went home and played outside. I ended my day with a pocket full of dandelions and gravel. I also had a good laugh or two at some strangers. I mean if you don’t laugh at them you will just hate them. I doubt Lady Double Buggy or Ms. You Must Be Exhausted had a day quiet that fun or interesting. Bless their little hearts.

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