Desperation Scrapbooking

I started a scrapbook for V when I was 21 weeks pregnant. That was the point that I started the twice weekly ultrasounds. By the time she was ready to enter the world, I had hundreds of “photos” of her that I needed to do something with. She is 5 weeks old today and there are more than a thousand pictures of her on my hard drive so far.
I thought I had bought enough scrapbooking supplies to get me through maternity leave. I was very wrong. To make matters stickier, I had tons of time to work on the scrapbook because the baby was quarantined but I couldn’t get out to buy more supplies.

What does one do? I cut up the gift bags from my baby shower. I keep gift bags for reuse later, thrifty person that I am. I had at least 30 baby themed gift bags. It dawned on me that I would never know 30 people who were having babies in what was left of my life. I started hacking and trimming. The carnage didn’t stop there. I got so overwhelmed with baby themed gift related items that I started hacking up the cards as well. (I wasn’t planning on keeping them anyway. My house is too small and storage space to precious.)

I’m sure this is a known tip in the scrap booking world. But since I don’t keep up with the hobby, I’m quiet proud of my ingenuity and want to share.

I must say that this free and unconventional scrap booking method born of desperation is now my preference. I think it looks better than the official scrap booking stickers and such that you pay way too much for at the craft store.

A case of doing what you can with what you have. I need to practice this lost art more often.

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