Frodo and the Rowdy Rumblers

Yesterday, Major Lee Absurd and I completed our first Couch 2 5K session where we ran more than we walked. This means that we are on longer stunning. We are officially rumbling. And we were both still standing. There was little to no cursing. Nobody had to crawl back to the cars. Yeah us!

But the rowdy rumbling made me think of a hilarious and completely inappropriate conversation I had with my Momma Sue many moons ago about the weird things that happen to you when you get pregnant. Specifically we discussed at length all the copious amounts of hair and the extra hair that sprouts in places it just isn’t socially acceptable for women to have hair. I know this seems like a leap. But stay with me. Absurdity is guaranteed.

My first pregnancy I grew a beard. Not like a Grizzly Adams beard. But I could have given some squeaky little high school juniors a run for their money. Thankfully once I waxed, it did not grow back.

The second time around I didn’t get hair anywhere it would be noticeable to other humans. But I did get a single hair in one of the most uncomfortable spots possible. And I know where you are going. You have a dirty, dirty mind lone avid reader. (Thanks for the Facebook shout-out by the way.) This lone avid hair is actually smack on the ball of my foot. Yep. Right on the bottom of my foot in the place where I step. Weird right? And it kinda hurts. Gets all irritated and just sort of feels like I have stepped on a splinter. At first that is what I thought I had done. But then the splinter came back in the exact same spot and it had a root. I was less than pleased.

I pluck the little guy, wait two weeks and he comes back. It appears that this pregnancy induced rouge hair might be with me for life. Since I am stuck with him, I have decided to name the little guy.

I call him Frodo.

I call him Frodo.

And Frodo did not like the rowdy rumbling. So I will have to banish him back to the Shire for a few weeks. But I am sure he will be back to accompany me on my quest to reach Mordor…I mean run a 5K.

My Precious. One rowdy hair to rule them all.

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