Little Things That Entertain Mom

This is a follow up to the post “Little Things that Entertain Dad”.

The other night I had a craving for sushi. And my devoted husband went out of his way to take me to get sushi. I didn’t get real sushi of course for fear of being bludgeoned to death by the crazy people who feel it is their right and even their duty to comment negatively on every single thing a pregnant woman does. I mean really, how have we managed to make babies and perpetuate the species for thousands of years if it is this freakin complicated. I got the closest cooked approximation I could get and it kinda hit the spot.

Must have hit the spot for the kiddo too because just as we were finishing dinner, she went on a kicking and clawing spree at the top of the belly that actually took my breath and made me double over. After a minute of recovery I pop out with the poorly chosen phrase, “Wow, I think she is trying to get out of there.”

The look on my husband’s face was priceless. He immediately went into get-the–wife-to-the-hospital–right-damn-now mode. Panicked, in charge and on a mission he was.

Guess what? He is wired for it now. He freaked right out. That’s just funny.

I was just thinking about a scene from Alien. He had jumped right to “It is time”. I found it slightly humorous. I giggled a little as he caught his breath. I had no idea he was so on edge.

I guess you have to find the little things to entertain yourself with when you are a walking hormone bomb that can’t see your feet or breathe if you bend forward. Thanks for letting me slide when I laughed at you dear man.

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