More Maternity Shorts

Fire the Architect
Since moving into our new house I don’t really have convenient access to a full length mirror. So when I caught a sideways glimpse of myself in the one in my office bathroom I did a double take. And my thought was: “Oh my God! That thing is just ridiculous. That can’t be structurally sound or remotely stable.”

Hog Heaven
Today was beautiful so I went to my favorite sunny day restaurant, Hog Heaven. Even though the homeless preacher man and the hooker that used to work the McDonalds parking lot have been run off and don’t harass you any more, the place still has ambiance. Good BBQ. But if you haven’t tried the mashed potatoes dressed with white sauce (Go easy. Spicy. Spicy) you just haven’t had mashed potatoes. I got to open my sunroof on the way there and back too. Win. Win.

Manic Monday
Why is it that you never hear Manic Monday on a Monday. You always hear it later in the week. One would think it would be in heavier rotation on Monday. Just saying.

Hey! I’m up here
Incidentally, you can have a conversation with me as opposed to my belly. I have noticed more and more people gawking at the belly as my due date gets nearer. I don’t know if they fear an Alien-esque burst from the belly scene or have never seen something so large. But still, my ears are in my head. Talk in that direction.

Children Passive Aggressively Discouraged But Have a Seat
We went to Siam Cuisine on White Bridge Road a little while ago with some friends. My food was excellent, but the place didn’t have a changing station in any of the bathrooms. WTF? Really? So I won’t be going back.

We also went to Santa Fe and the highchair didn’t have a bar or strap to go between the child’s legs to keep them from sliding out of the seat. It was a problem because my child is a wiggler and I didn’t enjoy my dinner much. It was the last and perhaps most glaring in a string of inadequate highchair straws.

So I bought the Brica Fold N’ Go Travel Booster . It is incredibly portable and affordable. You just strap in in a chair and then strap the kid to the seat. It is a perfect height to scoot a baby in and have them feel like part of the adult action at the table. It is clean and works with any height table that has a seat with a back. Very nifty piece of baby gear. I highly recommend it. The munchkin loves it and I don’t have to worry about whether she is going to be safe in her chair while I attempt to enjoy my meal. I only have to worry about servers dangling hot plates above her head while they pass out the food. Why oh why do they do that.

I looked into her souless eyes
This made me laugh. I love the choosing a restaurant part.

Water baby
Incidentally, the munchkin is enjoying big girl baths now and is trying to swim in the tub all on her own. Naked, happy babies splashing in a tub are the cutest things ever. Kittens and puppies have nothing on the them.

Whedon Returns!
Hint. Hint. The writer/director of my favorite movie is returning to the big screen in May with The Avengers. If anyone is interesting in babysitting two children under two on May 4, please let me know.

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