Product Reviews: Necessities for the First 3 Month

All the books and friends, and parents, and aunts, and grandparents, and perfect strangers have differing advice on what you will absolutely have to have to surVe the first few months with your new human.

Having surVed the first three months with my own new human I will weigh in as the perfect stranger who has an opinion about how you should raise your child and live your life. Get used to this. It is done with the best of intentions.

Besides the basics like diapers, wipes, bottles, clothing, car seats, and blankets there are five items I think that new parents should not do without if they want to maintain their sanity and enjoy this irreplaceable time with their shiny new wonder.

Pack and Play
Microwave Bottle Steam Sterilizer
Diaper Genie
A bigger hard drive
Buy a Pack and Play with a bassinet and changing station. Buy two if you are frisky. One for the bedroom and one for wherever you spend the most time elsewhere. Just trust me. If you do it, you will see how convenient it is. If money is tight, forgo the crib and buy the Pack and Play. It is three for the price of one and it will be a while before the kiddo outgrows it.

Get a Microwave Bottle Steam Sterilizer. It makes life so simple. Toss your bottles and pacifiers in with 7 ounces of water, microwave on high for four minutes and voila: sanitized feeding implements. Beats the snot out of boiling the things. I got one at my shower and I use it every day.

The Diaper Genie was also a shower gift. It held two weeks worth of diapers when we first brought our critter home and we didn’t smell a thing. It was sitting in the living room next to the Pack and Play changing station. Never a foul odor. Little trick though. Put some baby powder in with each diaper to save yourself when you have to change the bags.

Invest in a bigger hard drive. You will need a place to store all of the photos you need to take to document how quickly your new human is growing and changing. Trust me, from the first day to the three month mark there will be a day that you will look at your kiddo and wonder when they changed so much and how you didn’t notice. It happened to us just yesterday.

And last but certainly not least is the Woombie a.k.a the little baby straight jacket. My husband discovered this after I had been awake for four days straight and literally passed out unconscious on the couch and left him with a very angry baby for a night. The husband asked the Google and the answer was the Woombie. If you want to sleep through the night, buy this thing. It is $25 dollars. You zip it around your kid so that they are effectively in an unbreakable swaddle. They look like a little Glow Worm. Remember those? V smiles when we put it on her then zonks right out. She only wakes to eat. Pre-Woombie, she would break the swaddles and startle or squirm herself unhappily awake several times a night. The Woombie has been our true sanity savior. It will be my go to gift for all baby shower presents going forward whether the expectant parents ask for it or not. If you take nothing else from this ramble except this: GET A WOOMBIE.

Absurd wisdom imparted. Go forth and mult…I mean prosper.

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