Two Under Two: The First Week

I don’t have very long. But both kids are asleep for the moment.

S arrived a week ago with a head full of dark hair, ten toes, and ten fingers which he wrapped Mom and Dad around immediately. His days and nights are reversed and he likes to eat every hour. Slightly exhausting but he is slowly starting to swing around to normal.

In the mean time his sister has decided this is the week to take the plunge toward walking on her own. She is almost ready to let go of Mom and Dad’s fingers and walk like a big girl. So amidst the sleep deprivation and exhaustion, Terry and I are drowning in a sea of cute and blessing. Overall, compared to last time, this birth and immediate follow up has been a cake walk.

I would like to take a moment to once again tell my one avid reader what an incredible husband I have. He stayed home this week, did almost everything for V, did laundry, did dishes, ran errands, rubbed my feet, rubbed my back, brought me food, and made sure I stayed planted on the couch or in bed as much as possible. All on little to no sleep. His efforts have made my recovery much easier than last time. I have had no complications other than a little swelling in my ankles. The constant running to and from the NICU when V was born ended up with me being readmitted and taking weeks to really feel human again. Even Terry lost about 15 pounds during the process. He was determined that I get a chance to heal and rest this time and I am very grateful.

So many people have helped us out this week as well. Bruce and Susan have been a huge help. Beth and Shannon have been fantastic. And many many more have offered. We just haven’t had a chance to respond to them. We are very lucky to have wonderful friends that watch out for us.

The little man is eating like a horse and gaining weight. He has also survived the first (exuberant and unintentionally toddler rough) bonk on the head from his big sister. It begins. He is going to have to toughen up quick. His sister is a scrapper.

And I must say he is giving his sister a run for her money in the pretty baby department. Of course I am biased. But I think I have two mighty fine looking kids.

Terry has bought an arcade cabinet and in between poopy diapers and naps is working on completing a MAME cabinet. He has grand plans and of course the skills. I will keep you posted on the progress.

I am determined to finish S’s baby quilt. I’m also working on plans for my raised beds out back. I would love some fresh veggies this summer if I can pull it off. Then I hope to resume some geeky endeavors. Hopefully the next flight for the balloon group will have a new and improved dashboard for folks to track the progress with.

Life is never ever going to be the same again. My house will never again be clean. Though it has been and will continue to be tons of work, I don’t think we have ever smiled this much. I love my family. Laundry is piled up and life is good.

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