Two Under Two: The Other Side

Whether it be by gigantic Oops or loving design two kids under two is hard. Real, real hard. And there are more moments than there aren’t where you wonder what on earth you have done to your body, your sanity, your children, your marriage, your career, your life. These things start about mid-way through that second pregnancy.

And for that year of two under two, and frankly until the youngest gets to be about three, you will be doing good to keep your head above water. You probably won’t remember much. You will live in a surreal nightmare of diapers, crumbs,and inexplicably wet stuff.

You will wonder if all those friends you had before all of this were just figments of your imagination. What would a full four hours of sleep be like? And the car seats. Don’t get me started on the damn car seats.

You may one day look at your spouse and realize you don’t know them anymore because you haven’t had a conversation that didn’t involve just making sure everyone survived the day in years.

Best friends.

Best friends.

But on the other side of that you no longer worry that you stole something from that oldest child because you had to take so much attention away from them while they were still so young. You no longer obsess over the fact you never gave that second child as much attention as the first one got. You start having moments to breathe.

The stretch marks don’t matter. The career is just a job that feeds and shelters your kids. The lost sanity makes life more interesting. Call it a fresh perspective. New friends will come along. Some old friends will come back. Your spouse, with whom you have forged a survivor’s bond, will grow on you all over again.

And you get this reprieve because of moments like this.

As an only child, I don’t really get this. I don’t understand the bond of two people from the same parents being thick as thieves. Conspirators.Primary antagonist. Absolute defenders. Best friends. People who can’t remember the world without the other in it.  Just being witness too it, being in the proximity of it, is magic. I am so very glad that my kids have it.

I would live that surreal nightmare of diapers, crumbs, and inexplicably wet stuff all over again. Because of moments like this.

Maybe with better drugs this time.

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